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Few years back, I bought nice violet dress for Summer; trouble started when all my jewelry possesions couldn't match color or style; I went to numerous stores looking for something to match my dress with no luck; So, I decided to make my own; and that was just begining; after first creation, came next and then I couldn't stop;

It was my childhood all over again; My every doll had collection of dresses that Dolce & Gabana can envy ! for every season, every age ; my dolls were at first babies, then teenagers and then young ladies with Wedding Dress in the closet for sure;  Now, I own for every dress ar leat 5 sets of necklaces and earrings (just to be sure I wont get bored); and so all my friends ! 

I like to create something special for their new dresses ! or for some special anniversary ! or their Birthdays.

I love the process of putting together beads on the string, switch them around, adding some small accent then lay them on the fabric and see how they glow.  

Winter Blue



There variety of colors and shapes and textures that will adorn any outfit ! .

  Simple Beauty 


 Colors worth Royal dress;

 will add elegance and 

 "wow" factor !

Cool Blue


Cool Winter brings beatuful silvery glow and crispy finishing  !

Winter Red

Royal Red


Is there anything better looking than Pearls, and Silver and Red


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